Isolation & Confusion

I’ll be honest, I originally thought this set of photos would be relativity easy to shoot. Instead, I found myself constantly fiddling around with my camera’s shutter speed and frantically searching for the right angle on a number of these shots. Even though I was shooting still objects, I found myself taking multiple shots of each subject. I continued to  focus extremely hard on those right angles and correct shutter speed to properly pull in just the right amount of light into each photograph. In addition to the tedious shoot and scrap method, I decided to leave these pictures as they were. I did barely any editing to these photos opting only to crop out any unnecessary dead space. When all was said and done I was relatively pleased with these final shots (definitely a shooting style I plan on trying out more in the future).


Christmas Lights 3 no flash

Christmas Lights (SS 1/25, AP 4.5, Focal Length 40mm)

Christmas Lights 1

Blurred Holiday Lights (SS 1/30, AP 4.5, Focal Length 40mm)

The first set of photos I decided to focus on the confusion and blur of Christmas lights. There was no significant motivation for this subject other than the amount of colors and artificial light I could capture. I figured the array of colors from the Christmas lights would look fairly cool and they did not disappoint. Both shots are nearly the same dimensions the only difference is a slight change in shutter speed – what a difference a half second makes!

The Gremlin

The Gremlin (SS 1/2, AP, F5, Focal Length 38mm)

This little guy was a gift my Nana, always thought the thing was creepy looking, so naturally figured it would be neat to get a photo of it. I placed some lackluster lighting behind the Gremlin piece along with a black linen to help block out any reflection from the white counter top. I believe I had the shutter speed down a bit too low considering how much light is still in this picture. I should’ve fiddled a bit more with the backdrop to block out some of the artificial light and make the creeping Gremlin guy POP more, but after about twenty takes I figured this was the best I was going to do with this particular set-up.

Marvel Action Figures (SS 1, AP 4.5, Focal Length 70)

Marvel Action Figures (SS 1, AP 4.5, Focal Length 70)

Easily my favorite photo of the bunch. I decided to take a page out of Lori Nix’s book here. I decided to focus on the two most colorful pieces of my childhood set of die-cast collectible toys, (as you can see they have not exactly stood up to the testament of time) the Fantastic Four’s, Thing and the X-Men’s, Gambit. Since most of the figurines were red  and black I decided these two had the best chance to actually stand out. Fortunately, I got my shooting aspects right and the fellow toys complimented these two perfectly in the backdrop, leaving Bruce Grimm and everyone’s favorite Cajun to grab your attention immediately.


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