Marvel Mash-Ups

So I’ve decided to mash-up a few more of my favorite comics this week. I chose to go with one of my all-time favorite 90s series, Maximum Carnage, along with a few other standalone gems. I also threw in a few mash-ups of an extremely underrated mini-series from the 80s, Kitty Pryde and Wolverine.


Cletus “Carnage” Kasady

For this one I decided to blend two images from the same comic. In Spider-Man Unlimited: Maximum Carnage #1 (1993) I combined the issue’s cover with its opening page. I thought it was unique to take out Spider-Man and have Cletus Kasady’s human form being shadowed by his super villain self.

Maximum Carnage #1

J.J. meets Wolverine

J.J. meets Wolverine

One of my favorite scenes in Maximum Carnage #1 is when Carnage suddenly drops in at the Daily Bugle scaring Jonah Jameson in the process. As a kid I also thought it was an iconic scene; the casually sinister-looking Carnage striking fear in the often unfathomable, J.J.. I decided to replace Carnage in this picture with a very dark, predatory rendition of Wolverine that was featured on the cover of, Marvel Comics Presents: Wolverine #138 (1993).

Carnage meets J.J.Marvel Comics Presents Wolverine Spellbound

Ghost Rider Spider Man Maximum Carnage

The interesting thing about Marvel Comics Presents #138 is that it had two covers. The first (shown above) featured Wolverine and the back cover featured, Ghost Rider. I decided to capitalize on the amount of red on both these covers and squeezed a beat-up Spider-Man (Web of Spider-Man: Maximum Carnage #2) in place of the red ninjas Ghost Rider was fighting. It didn’t mesh as well as I hoped, but still was pleased with the final product.

Maximum Carnage Pt 2

Marvel Comics Presents Ghost Rider Spider Man

Mary Jane Doesn't Approve

Mary Jane Doesn’t Approve

This one was a bit tough due to the different background colors between the two panels. However, I couldn’t resist inserting Mary Jane in between a somewhat romantic scene between Peter Parker and Black Cat (a former love interest of Spidey’s). Personally, I’ve always been a bigger Felicia Hardy fan than MJ fan and this mash-up just cracks me up. The images are from both from Spider-Man: Maximum Carnage #4 (1993). 

Mary Jane Watson

Spidey and Black Cat

Nightcrawler Interference

Nightcrawler Interference

I’m not sure what gave me the idea to do this, but I was pretty happy I did. Venom and Carnage have always been two of my favorite Spider-Man antagonists and Nightcrawler has always been one of my favorite X-Men, so I figured why not inject some Uncanny into Maximum Carnage. The Carnage and Venom fight is from Web Of Spider-Man: Maximum Carnage #6 (1993) and the Nightcrawler shot is taken from his fight with Belasco in X-Men Unlimited #19 (1993). For craps and giggles I decided to alter the color ratios in the second photo.

Venom vs Carnage vs Nightcrawler Purple Hue

Venom vs CarnageNightcrawler vs Azahel

Finally, for the last crop of mash-ups I decided to combine a few different titles from the cult classic 1984 series, Kitty Pryde and Wolverine. The mash-ups work well since all the covers have a split down the center. Here’s the results:

#1 and #3 Mash-up

#1 and #3 Mash-up

Kitty Pyrde & Wolverine #3 and #6 Mash-up

Kitty Pyrde & Wolverine #3 and #6 Mash-up

Kitty Pryde and Wolverien #1

Kitty Pryde and Wolverien #1

Kitty Pryde and Wolverine #3

Kitty Pryde and Wolverine #3

Kitty Pryde and Wolverine #6

Kitty Pryde and Wolverine

Enjoy guys and of course keep on nerding on!


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