Welcome Post A New Direction For The Drunken Nerd Photography

This site was originally designed as a photography site for a photography class. However, times are changing and more importantly semesters are a changing. So, I’m mixing it up a bit and adding on to the photography portion of this site with some more article-poised posts about geek culture in the Pittsburgh area.

I plan on continuing my comic book mash-ups (check them out here!) along with a new emphasis about the increasingly popular nerd culture here in the Burgh. I’m talking conventions, comic book shops, video game bars, and of course a splash of Pittsburgh sports – after all being a diehard Steelers fan is pretty freaking nerdy in its own right.

It should also be noted that I will likely be changing the layout of the site as the course progresses to make navigation between photos, videos, and articles easier for the audience. Lastly, I may also be changing the name (to be determined) of the site to better fit the new direction.

For good measure here’s a classic photo from one of my comic mash-ups I haven’t featured yet.

J.J. Meets The Phoenix

J.J. Meets The Phoenix

And of course since it is necessary for this welcome post, here is an awesome Marvel mash-up courtesy of youtube.

Last, but not least I’m going to do a little friendly promotion of one of my friend’s blogs, The Don Perignon . He focus more on gaming along with the random attack-on-reddit article, but he has some quality stuff (plus we collaborated on a DC vs. Marvel March Madness month-long article series together last Spring).


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