Pittsburgh’s Wizard World Comic Convention

The first ever Wizard World Comic Convention in Pittsburgh is this upcoming weekend, Friday, Sept. 11 – Sunday, Sept. 13. The convention was formerly known as the Pittsburgh Comiccon, but despite its name change the massive convention will still be held at downtown’s David L. Lawrence Convention center.

A story released earlier today by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, explained the newly named convention is built around the vastly growing Wizard World promotion who currently help operate 25 other conventions in cities such as Chicago, Cleveland, Las Vegas, and San Jose just to name a few.

The name change won’t be the only difference at this year’s convention. With the new promotional direction the convention will now boast an impressive roster of stars and V.I.P panels for fans to flock too. The likes of legendary Star Trek (and Priceline spokesperson), William Shatner, WWE superstar Dean Ambrose, WWE Diva Paige, and the charismatic X-Files and Californication star, David Duchovny.

Fan at 2013 Philly Wizard World credit: Marnie Joyce via Flickr

Fan at 2013 Philly Wizard World                photo credit: Marnie Joyce via Flickr

The new star-studded roster will mean a bigger and better comic con for Pittsburgh geeks, but it also means a bit more expensive trip. Weekend packages start at $75 ($85 at-the-door) and daily passes are as followed: $35 for Friday, $45, Saturday, and $40 for Sunday’s session. These prices do not include V.I.P or autograph sessions that are pushing over $250. Shatner’s V.I.P package is currently listed at $275 and Duchovny’s is going for a whomping $350!

Granted these are the headliners and convention-familiar fans will understand that these prices are not unreasonable compared to the likes of other conventions. Plus, Wizard World Pittsburgh will still have a plethora of lesser-known celebrities and comic book artists/writers including Ernie Hudson (Ghosterbusters), Dean Cain (actor from the old TNT show, Louis & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman), along with former Marvel Editor-In-Chief, Tom DeFalco.

Wizard World Pittsburgh may be a bit more ‘Hollywood’ than last year’s comic con, but it is a step in the right direction for Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh is a city that deserves a respectable comic convention where comic and sci-fi fans can migrate towards and celebrate a weekend saturated in geeky awesomenesss. Nothing against smaller, local conventions like Steel City Con in Monroeville or even last year’s convention downtown, but they do not do the local fan community justice. They are great events with fantastic programs and vendors; plus they allow fans a more relaxed (and relatively inexpensive) experience.

However, they are lacking in appeal. I’m not sure about y’all, but when I hear the word, ‘convention,’ I expect a festival of epic proportions. I want to see a weekend extravaganza where each day blows the previous days’ events/announcements out of the water. As much, as I enjoy the ability to casually walk around at conventions like Steel City Con where I can openly start conversations with artists/celebs I still find myself wanting more from my local convention. I want to Pittsburgh to have a convention that can rival Dragon Con (Atlanta) or New York City Comic Con – hell even SDCC! Pittsburgh deserves a convention worthy of national admiration and I believe the first ever Wizard World Comic Con Pittsburgh will finally push the Burgh into that discussion.

For more information on this weekend’s convention visit Wizard World Comic Con Pittsburgh.


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