New Logo

Nerd in the burg logo

The new logo for The Nerd In The Burgh, is a play off two of my favorite things – the Pittsburgh Steelers and The Legend Of Zelda. I decided to combine the two. Using the triangular design of the fabled Triforce in Nintendo’s Legend Of Zelda franchise, but instead of it being all gold I decided to re-color the three powers that make up the Triforce using the Steelers’ team logo colors. Naturally, sticking with the three-color theme I opted to use the colors of the hypocycloids (the diamonds) in the team’s logo. Since, the blue represents steel scraps, the yellow represents coal, and the red (formerly orange) represents iron ore – the three components that help create steel – I figured it was only right they replace the powers of wisdom, courage, and power (ironic I know) that make up the Triforce.


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