Fantasy Football: The Dreaded 50/50 Weekend

Football season is underway and more importantly fantasy football season is here. Quite frankly, it may be my favorite part of the football season. Don’t get me wrong I love seeing my Steelers win on Sunday (just like they did this weekend against San Fran), but I equally love when I dominate on the fantasy gridiron.  Yet, every so often a 50/50 Weekend comes along. A 50/50 Weekend is when your real-life NFL team wins, but your fantasy team(s) lost.

It can crush your Sunday and sometimes even drag the rest of your week down. The high of seeing the Steelers big home opening win is currently be drowned out by my lackluster losses in both my fantasy leagues this week. It is the dilemma every fan and fantasy player understands all too well. The melancholy feeling such a weekend brings is at times unbearable.

Unlike my Steelers (which I have no control over) my fantasy team and I must now trudge into a new week carrying the burden of a horrible defeat handed to me by a friend and a co-worker (work league), respectfully. That means my Tuesday mornings are the worst.

My phone, courtesy of the ESPN Fantasy App, will alert me of my recent fantasy scores, reminding me of the humiliating weekend I just endured. Once, I open my phone my message cue will remind me that there’s an array of smack talk waiting on the horizon. As the morning drags on I’ll be reminded by texts and Facebook posts about the horrific beat down I was recently handed by my fantasy football foes. Then as if it couldn’t get any worse I’ll have to stroll into work with my confidence at all-time low only to be welcomed by more peer’s jeers and vulgar jests at my porous squad and the even poorer result.

The trash talk will continue throughout the week. Albeit, the reminder that my Steelers won this past weekend will keep me sane, the turmoil in my fantasy leagues will continue.

Sure enough as each day gets closer to Sunday my confidence in my fantasy squads and GM skills will steadily build back up. I’ll likely add a few waiver wire wonders and drop a few drafted duds (sorry Terrance West). I’ll start reanalyzing my team, refocusing on the goal – the light at the end of the tunnel – my leagues’ fantasy championships. I’ll continue to use my Steelers’ big win as a crutch. After all, even though my fantasy squad is doing badly, my Steelers are doing just fine. I’ll have to remind myself the reality is better than fantasy.

By Friday, my friends’ and coworkers’ trash talk will be muted out by my rediscovered pride. All of a sudden I’m back to feeling like the fantasy mastermind I am.

As Sunday begins I’m back to firing on all cylinders. My squad will be ready to go. My smack talking will be on point. I’ll be back to my winning ways – hopefully. Because let’s face it. If my Steelers and my fantasy teams lose this week I’m in for a horrible, horrendously long week. Keep me in your fantasy prayers people.

Good luck to all my fellow fantasy players this week and stay tuned for my Waiver Wire Pickup Guide later this week! Of course, big ups to all my fantasy players and players also going through a 50/50 Week, like me. To all y’all that had an 0-fer (both your real-life team and fantasy teams lost) this week, keep your head up it is only Week 2 after all!


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