Local Nerd-Centric Shops In Pittsburgh

Credit: Neil Strebig

Credit: Neil Strebig

Ever wonder where the best comic book shops are here in Pittsburgh? Maybe some of the best places to aid your retro gaming habits? Look no further, I’ve decided to compile a list of my favorite local hangouts. I broke down each store into a list of what type of books they offer, any collectibles they have to sell, and what types of games they promote. Majority of the shops are right here in the heart of Downtown Pittsburgh, but there’s a few gems like Big Bang Comics up in Sewickley and New Dimensions down in West Mifflin that are certainly worth the trek outside the city. Check out the link below to view the best nerd shops in the area!

**Note The Exchange has stores located all over the area, but the one in Robinson I’ve found to have the best selection for video games and music**

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 11.22.05 AM

View Nerd-centric Stores in Pittsburgh in a full screen map

Some of the stores like 8-Bit Electronics and Ninja Electronics are gaming-specific shops. They both have great selections for retro gaming addicts and gamers who are looking to trade in games/consoles outside of commercial shops like GameStop.

As far as collectors go, I have to recommend Eide’s Entertainment down in the Strip. They have a stellar basement area full of some great gems from the Bronze and Silver Age of comics.

Good luck shopping and as always keep on nerdin’ on guys!


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