A Timeline Of The Most Influential Games Of All-Time

Video games have become common place nowadays. Nearly everyone plays them; guys, girls, kids, parents – it doesn’t matter. However, it wasn’t always that way. Gaming consoles weren’t always home entertainment systems in disguise, they were – for a long time – strictly used for video games.

Gaming culture didn’t just start with the Super Mario Bros., no it began long before the release of Nintendo’s most famous siblings. While Super Mario Bros. definitely deserves a ton of credit there are so many other video games that helped usher in a new culture of gaming. Heroines, like Samus Aran and Laura Croft helped bridge the gap in what was (and has been) a largely male dominated genre for both characters and gamers.


There’s games that fly under the radar like Gran Turismo, Half-Life, or even GoldenEye 007; games that were hugely popular, but not known for the contributions they brought to the table. Heck, games like Myst, are barely even known outside of the PC community, yet there’s no denying the influence Myst had on gaming development and story boards.

Of course, I couldn’t make a timeline without acknowledge the massive contributions Blizzard Entertainment has brought to the gaming community. From the early days of StarCraft and Diablo to the massive world of WoW and now to the present-day gaming juggernaut, League of Legends.

Screenshot of WoW Photo Credit: Wiki Commons

Photo Credit: Wiki Commons

I also had to acknowledge first-person shooters. Without them, the gaming community would still be viewed as a bunch of introverted RPG-trolling weirdos. Whether or not, we all like to admit it FPS are a huge reason for the likability and acceptance of gamers and the video game community. Let’s hope the next few decades can bring as much change, passion, and fun to the gaming culture.

Cheers. And of course keep on, nerdin’ on!


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