Video Game Culture: The Subcultures

A little while back I interviewed a few co-workers of mine and did a piece about the diversity in video game culture. This week I revisited the trio and asked them more specifically about their styles of gaming. Each one, Josh Hays, Josh Kachur, and Rodrick Reese were kind enough to not only let me ask them again about their specific gaming styles and choices, but also let me film them as they played their favorite games of choice.

Above is the final video product of our discussions, but all three help shed a unique perspective on how gamers feel towards their specific styles. Gamers like Hays, who prefer First Person Shooters (FPS), definitely have a significantly more competitive style about their gaming preferences and gameplay. Where as, Reese and Kachur both enjoy the story that comes with RPGs and MMOs. All three highlight different subcultures in the video game culture and all three help show how diverse the gaming community is nowadays.


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