Fan film ‘Fall of Grayskull’ a must-see

For all you Masters of the Universe and He-Man fans out there, if you haven’t watched Daniel Benedict’s ‘Fall of Grayskull’ than you’re doing it wrong – all wrong. The fan-made film highlights a darker side of Eternia, while allowing the female characters to really steal the show.

Teela (played by Mercedez Varble) acts as the main protagonist who’s on a quest to save He-Man from the evil clutches of -you guessed it- Skeletor. My personal favorite was the slightly fantasy-noir¬†femme fatale battle between Evil-Lyn ¬†(Alexandria Hendrick) and Shadow Weaver (Lousia Torres).

The score is pretty solid. The heavy metal sound fuels the fight scenes and helps maintain the more adult-theme Benedict was striving for with this adaptation. Being a fan-made film, it isn’t going to have your perfect Hollywood cuts and special effects, but I have to take my hat off to everyone involved in this 30-minute film. The 1987, Masters of the Universe, has survived as a campy, cult piece of 80s nostalgia, but hardly did the He-Man series any justice. Thankfully, Benedict and Co. have finally given us fans something to actually cheer about.

For additional info on the film and Benedict’s other projects visit the film’s website.

Feature image courtesy of Wiki Commons


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