Power Up! Console Carnage Starts Today

Ever wonder who would win, if the legendary Super Mario Bros. jumped into Hyrule to take down Ganondorf? Maybe you want to lay to rest the debate that Sephiroth is the best Final Fantasy villain of all-time not Kefka. Well, welcome to Console Carnage where you can vote on your favorite video game characters in a winner takes-all tournament!

Last year my fellow geek in crime, Don and I, put together a 64-character tournament, pitting the best of DC against the best Marvel had to offer in a similar winner takes-all tournament. Once and for all the age old question, who’s better -DC or Marvel? – was finally answered. Of course, my DC boys were triumphant in the end. After all, no one can best the Batman.

This year we are switching it up a bit and allowing you – the fans – to get the carnage started.

We have compiled a diverse list of video game characters from generations of gaming consoles and broke them down to the top 32 courageous heroes and the 32 vilest villains. Starting today, fans will vote on their top-16 on each side, helping us narrow down our brackets from 64 to 32 right out of the gates.

I will be covering the honorable heroes bracket and Don will cover the lowly villains bracket. Your goal is to help us narrow down our list while simultaneously helping us with the seeding process. Characters with the most votes will be seeded accordingly. So if you believe Kratos should be a number one seed, make sure to spread the word and get your fellow God of War fans on board!

To start voting simply click on the link and choose your top 16 contestants. As mentioned seeding will be based on popularity of reader votes.

The proposed tournament rules are simple. Contestants will battle in the legendary Pokemon Stadium and will be limited to a total combination of five powers/weapons. That means a character like, Commander Shepard, can wield an assault rifle, a shotgun, and a pistol, but he’ll be limited to only two supernatural powers after that. Naturally, your vote and your input determines who wins this geek-powered March Madness!

We will announce the final 32 characters this Monday, when the carnage officially begins.

After the opening round of voting, the battles will go as followed:

Opening Round: Monday, March 14 and Tuesday, March 15

The first 8 match-ups will be announced. Seeds 1 vs. 16, 4 vs. 13, 5 vs. 12, 8 vs 9 on Monday, Seeds 2 vs.15, 3 vs 14, 6 vs 11, and 7 vs 10 will be on Tuesday. Polls close Thursday night.

Quarter-Finals: Friday, March 18

We keep right on rolling into the quarterfinals  when you will pick the final 8 characters, four heroes and four villains. Polls close Sunday night.

Semi-Finals: Monday, March 21

The path to the finals will be held Monday, March 21 and the polls will stay open until Thursday, March 24.

Finals: Friday, March 25

The last Friday in March will host the last battle in Console Carnage. May the best 8-bit character win!

Winner Announcement & Tournament Awards: Monday, March 28

We will announce the tournament winner along with trophies for biggest win, biggest upset, and a plethora of credible and memorable moments from this tournament.

Enjoy it folks. And remember if you ain’t causing carnage then you must not be a true gamer!

Remember to follow us all month on Twitter using the hashtag #ConsoleCarnage



Cover photo credit to Idccollage via Flickr.com


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