Console Carnage Kicks Off With Round 1

Console Carnage is here and the retro love is for real. The final 32 are set and already some serious drama. A few heavy hitters have already been eliminated from contention – no Kratos, no Captain Falcon, goodbye Crash Bandicoot, and sayonara Yoshi.

Link cleared the first round of voting with an astounding 93% of fan votes landing him the tournament’s top spot in the heroes’ bracket. Tie breakers for seeding were decided by total units sold in the characters given franchise. So when both Kirby and Dante pulled in 71% of the votes, Kirby saw himself land the higher seed since his franchise has outsold Dante’s Devil May Cry by over 10 million more copies.

None the less, the final 16 in the heroes’ bracket are here and your vote will help decide which one of these mighty paladins of justice move on to quarterfinals. As always a few ground rules and reminders as we officially begin Console Carnage:

The match-ups are staged in Pokemon Stadium, a massive oval uncovered arena. Meaning that the contestants are not allowed to exit the arena and are forced to fight each other in Pokemon Stadium’s grand stage. Contestants are only allowed a total of 5 powers and weapons; meaning a character like Commander Shepard, can only have three weapons and two powers or vice versa. The fights go until someone is knocked out or presumably incapacitated. The winners are totally dependent on your vote, so vote wisely!

Vote on the heroes below and don’t forget to visit the villains bracket! Click here to vote on the villains!


Link (1) vs. Sub-Zero (16)

First Appearance

  • Link – The Legend of Zelda (1987) – Nintendo
  • Sub-Zero – Mortal Kombat (1992) – Super Nintendo, Game Boy, Sega Genesis, & Sega Game Gear


Most Successful Video Game/Franchise Appearance

  • Link – Twilight Princess (2006) – Nintendo Wii & GameCube – 8.58 million copies sold
  • *Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (1998) sold only 7.60 million copies exclusively for the N64*
  • Sub-Zero – Mortal Kombat X (2015) – approx. 4 million copies sold



Link – Link has always saved Hyrule in his notorious green tunic wielding an array of weaponry, a tactical brilliance, and his willpower. But for this event he is limited to what I believe to be his most famous five (Ocarina of Time excluded since it would be an unfair advantage in this tournament)

  • Master Sword – Easily the finest blade in Hyrule. Majestic in style and wields magical properties including the ability to shoot projectiles when Link is unharmed.
  • Hylian Shield – Another gem from the Hyrule arsenal. Nearly indescrutible and decorated with the legendary Triforce, the shield can protect Link from nearly all physical attacks and a wide variety of magic as well.
  • Magical Boomerang & Bomb Bag – His boomerang and bomb bag offer him a unique sense of range. While he can only carry less than a dozen bombs, each one can cause significant damage to a foe. Not to mention his boomerang has the ability to stun an opponent as well as close the distance gap between him and his opponent.
  • Pegasus Boots – His Pegasus Boots (first appeared in Link to the Past) allows the Hylian to run at blistering speeds helping him evade danger.


Sub-Zero – aka Bi-Han (the original Sub-Zero). A master assassin  from the Lin Kuei Clan and possesses the abilities of a cyromancer. Sub-Zero is highly adept in combat and he can use his cryomancing abilities to form:

  • Ice shields
  • Ice beams
  • Ice swords
  • Deadly projectiles
  • Ice clones


Link – At the end of the day, Link is still just young man typically still an adolescent. While he is able to wield legendary weapons based on the strength of his will he – by male physical standards – weak. While he lacks physical maturity his Pegasus Boots also have a major drawback. He needs a few seconds before he can obtain full speed with them and even when he does he can only run in a straight line. They offer him rare evasive abilities, but with limitations.

Sub-Zero – Unlike, Link, Sub-Zero is a full-grown man. Physically he is stronger than Link, but at the end of the day he is just a human like Link. He may be a skilled assassin, but he is still just a man. As proven in the Mortal Kombat franchise – he can be killed.


Link – This is damn close to a toss-up especially for a 1 vs 16 battle, but I have to give the edge to Link. The Hylian Shied will offer him significant protection against many of Sub-Zero’s attacks, but the X-factor here is the boomerang and the bomb bag. Link is an expert tactician and can use both the magical boomerang’s range and the bomb’s destructive abilities to keep Sub-Zero on his heels. I could see Link using multiple bombs to disorient the Lin Kuei assassin only to daze him with the boomerang before going in with a finishing blow from the Master Sword.

Commander Shepard (4) vs Dante (13)

First Appearance

  • Commander Shepard – Mass Effect (2007) – Xbox 360
  • Dante – Devil May Cry (2001) – Playstation 2

Most Successful Video Game/Franchise Appearance

  • Commander Shepard – Mass Effect 2 (2010) – Xbox 360/PC – 4.7 million copies sold
  • Dante – Devil May Cry 3 (2008) – 3 million copies sold


Commander Shepard

**Editor’s Note for this tournament Commander Shepard will be classified as a Solider**


  • M-96 Mattock Assault Rifle – A semi-automatic assault rifle that offers impressive accuracy and a sniper rifle’s punch. Despite being a semi-automatic the Mattock offers tremendous upside with its precision and power.
  • M-6 Carnifex Hand-Cannon – A highly accurate and powerful sidearm. A weapon that is given to Shepard by franchise favorite, Mordin Solus in ME2. It remains one of the franchises most powerful sidearms. Consider, the M-6 Carnifex’s comical in-game marketing commercial, that features an unarmed civilian as a Krogan charges towards him with the tagline: “Don’t you wish Carnifex was at your side?” – if that isn’t enough of a sell then I don’t know what is.
  • M-920 Cain – Effectively a hand-held nuke. It uses mass effect-based technology to create an enormous blast radius that can eradicate nearly any foe. It requires a significant charge up time and is only a single shot weapon.


  • Marksman (Adrenaline Rush) – Allows Shepard a limited amount of time to control his adrenaline, effectively slowing down time to allow him greater accuracy. During this period of heighten senses, Shepard’s ability to deal physical damage is also increased.
  • Incendiary Ammo –  Highly-effective ammunition against organics and heavy armor. The ammunition can burn through an opponent’s skin or their armor, the intense heat of the ammunition continues to burn opponents making health regeneration nearly impossible.



  • Superhuman Strength/Reflexes/Intellect – Even as a mortal, Dante possess above average strength, agility and intelligence
  • Devil Trigger – Its namesake in the game, but it is effectively Dante’s ability to transform himself into a demonic being; substantially upgrading his physical prowess.


  • Ebony & Ivory – His infamous pair of M1911 pistols. Ebony acts as a long distance weapon and Ivory is a rapid fire handgun. The pair create an extremely lethal combination and their powers become exponentially greater when Dante taps into his demonic powers.
  • Rebellion – His father, Sparda’s blade. It is a powerful and magical long blade capable of excessively heavy attacks.
  • Sparda – Demon-forged curved blade that isextremely dangerous when Dante is a demon. With his speed and agility increased, the Sparda is an extremely dangerous weapon in his hands.


Commander Shepard – Behind the N7 armor, Shepard is still just a mortal. He may be a brilliant tactician and leader who has made a career of overcoming the impossible. However, his biggest limitation is still being a human being. It should also be noted that Shepard is use to fighting alongside a team. He is tremendously skilled in his own right, but Shepard rarely goes into battle on his own.

Dante – Being a demon humanoid, Dante is damn near immortal, but like any demi-God (or in this case demon) they still have human afflictions. Dante can still be wounded and even killed, albeit he is much tougher to bring down in his demonic state since all of his physical attributes are drastically increased including his durability. His arrogance can also be a limitation for him, he often holds back believing that he doesn’t have to showcase his true power to defeat an adversary.


Push – It is tough to bet against Dante. After all the man killed the lord of all demons, Mundus, but then again he’s going against Commander Shepard. The same Shepard, who single handily took down a Reaper on Rannoch. Shepard is a master tactician who excels in the most dire of situations. There’s no question Dante has the physical edge, but when it comes to weapons Shepard’s arsenal and marksman ability even the playing field. Both characters are at home on the battlefield and that makes this contest far too close to call.

Mario & Luigi (5) vs. Kirby (12)

First Appearance

  • Mario & Luigi – Super Mario Bros. (1985) – Nintendo
  • Kirby – Kirby’s Dreamland (1992) – Game Boy

Most Successful Video Game/ Franchise Appearance

  • Mario & Luigi – Super Mario Bros (1985) – Nintendo – 40.24 million copies sold to date
  • Kirby – Super Smash Bros. Brawl (2008) – Nintendo Wii – 12.93 million copies sold

**Note: Kirby’s Dreamland (1992), is the franchise’s most successful individual title with 5.13 million copies sold**


Mario & Luigi –The Mario brothers are a pair of plumbers with insurmountable spirit. They can jump higher than Michael Jordan, crush a Koopa Troopa’s shell and despite their incredibly short strides are insanely quick. In addition, their impressive physical abilities are greatly exaggerated by the aid of Mushroom Kingdom’s finest vegetation better known as “Power-Ups.”

**Note for this tournament I will give each only two Power-Ups for their own character usage. The ‘Star’ Power-Up will be effectively a one-time use for either Mario or Luigi**


  • Super MushroomEnlarges Mario to gargantuan proportions. Standing nearly 10-stories tall Mario can crush the largest of objects with ease.
  • Cape Flower – Grants Mario a yellow cape allowing him fly, glide, and slam down onto unsuspecting foes.



  • Fire Flower – Allows Luigi to shoot fireballs out his mouth. No joke, Luigi spits hot fire.
  • Super Leaf – Turns Luigi into a raccoon suit that allows him to enlarge in size, fly, and use his tail to incapacitate enemies.

Shared (Only one of the characters can use this Power-Up)

  • Super Star – The duo’s ‘one-off’ power and ultimately their trump card. It can turn one of the brothers into an unstoppable force for a limited time. For approximately 20 seconds one of the Mario brothers will become a shining, blinking, dashing weapon of mass destruction.


Powers – Kirby doesn’t necessarily have any particular powers in his natural state. His body is round, bubbly, pink (originally white), and is somewhat malleable. He can squish himself flat to avoid trouble and he is able to jump and dodge objects with relative ease despite his plump physical stature. However, his greatest strength is his appetite. Kirby’s hunger is dangerous.

  • Copy Ability – Kirby has a unique ability to create a vacuum and devour helpless enemies. As he consumes them, he takes over their powers. Whatever or whoever Kirby eats, he is immediately granted their physical characteristics. If Kirby ate a fire-breathing dragon, then he’d develop the same fire-breathing ability as that said dragon – pretty damn scary for a Jigglypuff looking thing ain’t it?


Mario & Luigi –Without their Power-Ups, the Mario Bros. are just a pair of plumbers with lonely hearts and a serious case of herpetophobia. They rely on their Mushroom Kingdom goodies to overcome their greatest challenges.

Kirby – Without anything in his mouth, Kirby’s basically a marshmallow. He doesn’t have any sort of speed and cannot close a gap without the aid of a host’s powers. He also doesn’t possess any physical powers that could cause any significant harm. In order to be a threat, he needs a powerful host. If you can keep your distance, Kirby is essentially just a round, pink parasite.


Mario & Luigi – This is a very lose contest between two Nintendo legends. However, the edge comes down to the veteran pair. The Mario Bros. savvy, moxie, and their Power-Ups get them out of this deadly jam. Luigi can keep Kirby occupied from afar with the Fire Flower and even if Kirby ingests them as they come in I don’t see Kirby being able to eat a Big Mushroom-powered Mario’s foot as Mario curb stomps him into oblivion.


Master Chief (8) vs Lara Croft (9)

First Appearance

  • Master Chief – Halo: Combat Evolved (2001) – Xbox
  • Lara Croft – Tomb Raider (1996) – Playstation

Most Successful Video Game/Franchise Appearance

  • Master Chief – Halo 3 (2007) – 12.06 million copies sold
  • Lara Croft – Rise of the Tomb Raider (2015) – over 8.5 million copies sold to date



Master Chief – Master Chief is a genetically altered super solider in the United Nations Space Command (UNSC) who was put into in the SPARTAN II Project. Under the SPARTAN II Project Master Chief has been granted:

  • Superhuman reflexes
  • Ability to see in the dark
  • Enhanced durability (nearly indestructible exoskeleton)
  • Superhuman strength – he can lift nearly 3x his own body weight

Laura Croft – The British bombshell is a skilled marksman, survival expert, and a superb intellect.


Master Chief

  • MJOLNIR V Armor – His custom-made armor essentially turns him into a superhero. With his genetic modifications via the SPARTAN II Project, the MJOLINIR armor helps boost his durability with its titanium casing, helps boost his strength and agility, and also greatly enhances his recovery process. He can quickly recover via biofoam medi-gel that the suit automatically distributes anytime he sustains a breach in the suit or serious wound.
  • MA5D-ICWS – The MA5D-ICWS assault rifle is an automatic rifle that is superb for close quarter combat. Not the strongest of guns in the Halo universe, but easily one of the most effective.
  • M6D Pistol – The M6D is a UNSC-instituted sidearm that has an effective punch and even more impressive limited recoil. Along with its impressive wallop, the M6D can hold nearly 100 rounds of ammunition.
  • M9 Grenade – A highly explosive infantry grenade used by the UNSC. Even though it is called a dual-purpose grenade it acts essentially as a frag grenade.

Lara Croft

  • Dual Col Mark IV 1911 Pistols – The original pistols of the franchise. They might be a little old school, but these are the same .357-caliber bullets that took down a T-Rex.
  • Sprite TR-2 Shotgun w/ grenade attachment– It ain’t pretty as an elongated polygon in Tomb Raider 2, but it packs a punch.

 **For this contest we’ll combine the upgrade seen in the relaunch of the franchise, which adds a grenade attachment to gun, but for the novelty of it we’ll make it one of the original shotguns in the franchise.**

  • Tactical Knife – Nothing fancy bout the combat knife, but a useful close-quarters weapon
  • Compound Bow – Croft’s best stealth weapon. She can take out multiple enemies silently from afar with her bow. Not to mention, she can light a few arrow tips on fire – you know to really get the party started.


Master Chief – With his genetic mutations and the MJOLNIR armor he’s damn near indestructible. However, he is still just a solider. With enough ammunition and firepower, even his MJOLNIR armor can be breached.

Lara Croft – The reality of Lara Croft is, she’s just an archaeologist. She may be a survivor first and a killer second, but that doesn’t erase the point she’s extremely vulnerable. She has no special powers. Will and courage only can get you so far.


Master Chief – As much of a badass as Lara Croft is I just can’t see her winning this one. She’s outgunned. Her best chance is to do any sort of serious damage is with her grenades and hope to get a lucky strike with her bow after that. She might be able to outsmart Master Chief for a short while, but in an enclosed arena like Pokemon Stadium Master Chief’s superior armor, physical attributes, and technologically advanced weaponry are too much for the heroine.


Upcoming Console Carnage battles: (2) Megaman vs (15) Sonic the Hedgehog, (4,(7) Cloud Strife vs. (10) Ezio), (6) Solid Snake vs (11) Ryu, and (3) Samus vs (14) Ash Ketchum.

Don’t forget to vote on the villains this week!



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