Console Carnage Round 1 Continues with Arm Cannons Galore

Yesterday we kicked off the first round of Console Carnage with the undisputed #1 seed Link taking on the deadly assassin, Sub-Zero along with a classic Nintendo showdown between the Mario Bros. and Kirby. If you haven’t voted on the opening matches yet, then what are you waiting for? Get on over there and vote!

Today, the retro love continues in the bottom half of the hero’s bracket. As previously mentioned, our contestants will square off in Pokemon Stadium without any outside interference. They are limited to a combination of five powers/weapons and the winner is decided once one character is KO’d or *gulp* dead.

We have a pair of arm-cannons looking to defend their top-seeds. We’ve got a glorious match-up between everyone’s favorite one-eyed spy and the face of a legendary fighting franchise. Not to mention have two cult characters squaring off in what will surely be one of the most highly contested battles of this opening round.

CC_Prelim_Raw (2)

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Can Megaman slow down Sonic? Can Samus prove that she’s more than just a hot body in a suit? Is Solid Snake too old for the spry Ryu? Can Ezio Auditore silence Cloud Strife and the Final Fantasy VII fanboys?

Which hero will advance to the quarterfinals? Cast your votes below to weigh in on today’s match-ups!

Don’t forget to vote on those vile villains!

(2) Mega Man vs. Sonic the Hedgehog (15)

First Appearance

  • Mega Man– Megaman (1988) – Nintendo
  • Sonic the Hedgehog– Sonic the Hedgehog (1991) – Sega, Sega Genesis, & Sega Game Gear

Most Successful Video Game/Franchise Appearance

  • Mega Man – Mega Man 2 (1988)– Nintendo  – 1.51 million copies sold
  • Sonic – Sonic the Hedgehog (1991)– 15 million copies sold

**Note the mobile release of Sonic the Hedgehog has sold an additional 7 million copies**


Mega Man

 A humanoid with a cannon for a right arm. If that isn’t terrifying then I don’t know what is. Created by the warped minds of Dr. Light and Dr. Willy, Mega Man isn’t really a man. He’s actually a young kid (or teen depending on how you look at it) built into a robotic super suit. His suit grants him an impressive array of abilities including:

  • Superhuman strength and stamina
  • Superhuman agility and reflexes
  • Enhanced durability
  • Super slide and even the ability to teleport
  • Ability to jump and dash enormous distances

With the suits enhance abilities Mega Man can also land a devastating blow known as the Mega Uppercut. A punch which embodies the raw psychical power the suit grants Mega Man.


Without question Mega Man’s most powerful weapon is his hand cannon aka the Mega Buster.

The Mega Buster allows Mega Man to fire powerful energy projectiles at enemies including one massive ‘Buster’ that can vaporize entire buildings in a single shot. It also contains a Copy System that allows Mega Man the ability to replicate any advanced technology he comes in contact with. Meaning if Mega Man fights an electro-charged killer robot, he can replicate that robot’s ability to use electricity to a less powerful degree.

Sonic the Hedgehog

 The face of Sega may be the fastest video game character of all time. His sole power is his Super Speed. He can travel supersonic speeds of over 7,000 mph and his speed also allows him to:

  • Heal himself – He can slowly regenerate health by vibrating his body
  • Shockwaves – Sonic can emit enormous shockwaves of harvested energy
  • Barriers – Sonic is able to create small barriers of supersonic speed that can help protect him from physical attacks
  • Dash/Leaping – With his super speed Sonic has the ability to leap or jump miles at a time.


Mega Man –Despite his suit’s enormous amount of powers, Mega Man can still be harmed. His suit is extremely vulnerable to intense heat and pressure. Scorching temperatures can cause his suit to overload, malfunction, and even shut down. He is also not immune to falling from great heights. Despite his suits durability it cannot protect him from massive free falls and is surprisingly weak against sharp objects. Mega Man’s Copy System also has a catch. He can only utilize it after he’s defeated an enemy.

Sonic – Face it. Despite his insane speed, Sonic is still just a hedgehog. He’s physically weak.  He doesn’t have any significant strength. His power is completely dependent on his speed. It is his only source of offense and defense. Not to mention he is rather mentally weak and lacks composure. When he is confined to tight spaces he typically becomes ill-tempered and loses focus.


Mega Man– I almost called this is a push. Mega Man’s inability to take heavy crushing damage is a serious problem. However, with the battle being staged in Pokemon Stadium I can’t see how this doesn’t favor Mega Man. Even if Sonic were to get in close, sprint up the side of the stadium and drop Mega Man; the hypothetical fall wouldn’t be enough to incapacitate the boy-robot. Nor does Sonic have any significant firepower to land a finishing blow on Mega Man. This battle of the blues goes to the robotic boy-wonder. Mega Man can match Sonic’s speed, his best shots, and return much heavier counters than the dazzling hedgehog.


(7) Cloud Strife vs Ezio Auditore de Firenze (10) 

First Appearance

  • Cloud – Final Fantasy VII (1997) – Playstation
  • Ezio– Assassin’s Creed 2  (2009) – Playstation 3 & Xbox 360

Most Successful Video Game/Franchise Appearance

  • Cloud– Final Fantasy VII– Playstation, Playstation Network – 9.8 million copies sold

**FFVII: Crisis Core (2006) on the PSP sold 2.59 million copies**

  • Ezio – Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood (2010) – 6.5 million copies sold


Cloud Strife 

The main protagonist and resident pretty boy in one of Final Fantasy’s most beloved games. A former SOLDIER 1st Class and a Mako survivor. Cloud is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant who wields his infamous Buster Sword.


Buster Sword – Cloud’s famous blade. An enormous cleaver that stands nearly as tall as him. With the Buster Sword, Cloud can deliver a multitude of heavy attacks. With his swordsmanship Cloud can deliver a massive heavy attack, his limit break Omnislash.


Omnislash – Cloud’s Limit Break. An insane 15-plus hit attack which deals massive damage with each strike.

For this tournament I will classify Materia as a power. Materia allows Cloud to use magic along with summoning massive legendary creatures to help aid him in battle. For this tournament Cloud will have:

  • Cure Materia – Allows Cloud to use magic with healing properties
  • Meteor – Allows Cloud to summon a massive meteor shower onto unsuspecting foes
  • Shiva – Allows Cloud the ability to summon the ice aeon, Shiva.



Ezio doesn’t possess any supernatural abilities. He is a master assassin and adept in hand-to-hand combat. Along with his skills in espionage his speed and agility are comparable to a superhuman or at the very least a world class parkour athlete.


  • Twin Blades – His notorious set of hidden blades.
  • Longsword – Nothing fancy about his Venetian blade. Albeit, Ezio’s skills with the sword are unrivaled.
  • Da Vinci’s Crossbow – Courtesy of the brilliant mind of Leonardo Da Vinci, Ezio arms himself with a crossbow. While the crossbow is a Silver Age design, it offers Ezio a long range weapon for his deadly marksmanship.
  • Posion Darts – Depending on Ezio’s mood he can coat the tiny knives with enough toxin to incapacitate an enemy or kill them immediately.
  • Smoke Bombs – Ezio’s main defensive weapon. He can use smoke bombs to evade incoming attackers and quickly escape.


Cloud– Despite the magical aid of materia, Cloud is still just a solider. His trendy armor offers minimal protection and he is still vulnerable to a variety of attacks. His mental state is also a point of interest. Cloud’s experience with Mako energy leaves him mentally unstable and at times, susceptible to mind control. He’s adept in battle, but he is also a head case.

Ezio– Ezio has been training to become an assassin since he was a teenager. However, like Cloud his a mortal – his physical limitations are plenty. His arrogance can often get him in trouble, but Ezio has made a career of getting out of tight jams.


Cloud – It’s all about the materia. The magic tips this one in Cloud’s favor. Ezio is arguably the better hand-to-hand combatant, but he has no defense to Cloud’s ability to use magic nor his Omnislash ability. If this was a straight sword fight, Ezio might be able to pull  off the upset. Instead, Cloud is sending the Italian to Hell.


(6) Solid Snake vs. Ryu (11)

First Appearance

  • Solid Snake – Metal Gear (1987) – Nintendo
  • Ryu – Street Fighter (1987) – Arcade game by Capcom

Most Successful Video Game/ Franchise Appearance

  • Solid Snake – Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain (2015) – PS4/Xbox One – 6 million copies to date
  • Ryu– Street Fighter II (1992) – Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis – 6.3 million copies sold

**Note: Street Fighter II Turbo (1993) was close with 4.1 million copies sold. The two are still Capcom’s best-selling editions of the franchise**


Solid Snake – Snake doesn’t have any supernatural powers although is endurance and durability are damn near unbelievable. The man has completed numerous missions without an ounce of sleep. This includes a near two-day binge in Alaska where he took down a walking mech with a WOMD and a rail gun attached to it.


  • SOCOM Pistol w/ silencer – Snake’s lucky .45 sidearm and arguably his best friend.
  • FAMAS – Snake is a master marksman, but the FAMAS assault rifle is the pedigree of durability and reliability, just like Snake.
  • C4 – Snake’s been in a lot of tight jams throughout his career. When in doubt use a rubber explosive.
  • CODEX – Snake’s tool for radio communication and quite possibly his most powerful assets. He’s able to communicate to his fellow comrades with it and gain instant access to a foe’s weak point.  The CODEX gives Snake a tactical advantage no matter how dire the situation.
  • Cardboard Box – Snake set the alarm off? Leave it to Snake to hide in a cardboard box – they’ll never find ‘em.



Ryu is a master in the Shotokan-karate style. He has honed his body and mind to near supernatural levels through his intense training in the martial arts style. His hand-to-hand combat skills are nearly unrivaled and his intense focus allows unnatural powers like his Hadoken. A powerful blast of energy that can KO nearly any opponent. Not to mention his expert martial arts skill allow him the ability to land a near superhuman-level uppercut and his infamous Hurricane Kick.


Solid Snake – As badass as Snake is he’s still just the wiry veteran. He’s been doing this for a long time, maybe too long. He’s cheated death numerous times, but he still is human – right?

Ryu – Born in a dojo, grew up on the mean streets of Tokyo, there’s no question that Ryu is bad man. However, he is still just a master of karate. He’s vulnerable to heavy attacks and weapons just like any one in a Gi would be.


Push– I know, I know you’re likely thinking, but Snake has a gun Ryu doesn’t. Well, don’t let Ryu’s torn sleeves and 1980s headband-style fool you, he’s a killer just like Snake. Snake’s ability to survive is his greatest attribute, but Ryu may be one of the best fighters on the planet. His Hadoken abilities can neutralize Snake’s range with his firearms. Fighting in Pokemon Stadium also takes away Snake’s stealth. This is a wide open battle. In terms of close combat, Ryu has the edge. Ryu’s got KO power, but I’ve also never seen Solid Snake incapacitated before.

(3) Samus Aran vs. (14) Ash Ketchum

First Appearance

  • Samus – Metroid (1986) – Nintendo
  • Ash Ketchum – Pokemon Red, Green, & Blue (1996, Japan) – Game Boy

**Ash is most well known for being the main character in the Pokemon anime televised back when America had good Saturday morning cartoons**

Most Successful Video Game/Franchise Appearance

  • Samus – Metroid Prime (2002) – 2.78 million copies sold
  • Ash – Pokemon Red, Green, & Blue (1996, Japan) – 10.23 million copies sold

 **In the states, Pokemon Red & Blue sold a combined 9.95 million**


Samus – Samus Aran is easily Nintendo’s (and arguably gaming’s) most famous heroine. She is intergalactic bounty hunter, a solider in the Galactic Federation, and she own a cybernetic power suit or better known as the, Varia Suit, which grants her an assortment of supernatural abilities. While Samus is human (and built like a linebacker at 6’3” 198lbs) she is also spliced with Chozo DNA (needed in order to survive Zebes). Her natural physical abilities are greatly enhanced compared to the average human and she is extremely proficient in combat ever without her suit.

Without Varia Suit:

  • Extreme Dexterity – comparable to an Olympic gymnast
  • Genius level intellect
  • World-class marksman
  • Skilled in hand-to-hand combat

With her suit her physical abilities are greatly enhanced, but the Varia suit’s arsenal include:

  • Power Beam – The suit is equipped with a hand cannon armed with powerful energy beam that can quickly destroy even the most lethal enemies.
  • Morph Ball – Allows Samus to morph into a highly fortified ball that can not only navigate the tiniest corners of the galaxy, but also the ability to deploy bombs while in this form.
  • Suit Visor – The suit’s visor allows Samus to hack nearly any computer system. The visor boasts a target-locking system allowing Samus to quickly identify and lock-on to any new species she stumbles across.
  • Speed Boost – The Varia Suit allows Samus supersonic speed allowing her to evade attacks and even break through walls.
  • Enhanced Durability and Adaptability – Samus’ power suit not only increases her ability to withstand damage, but it can also adapt and evolve to quick variance in temperature and pressure

Ash Ketchum

Ash is a Pokemon Master. He’s a relatively humble guy, but also a fierce competitor. He’s got guts. I mean the kid goes out in the wild in a world filled with dinosaur-like monsters and catches them. Some may call it poaching, but Ash calls it sport. Ash has no real physical powers (he’s just a teenager after all), but he does have a team of Pokemon that fight his battles for him. For this tournament I’ll have to limit his roster to five Pokemon to abide by our five weapons/powers rule. His battle line-up will include his most famous/most often used Pokemon from the television show:

  • Pikachu – Ash’s best friend and easily his most powerful Pokemon. While Pikachu has never evolved into his final form (stubborn little bastard) he does wield an enormous amount of electrical attacks including a powerful Thundershock.
  • Pidgeotto – One of Ash’s original catches and a deadly avian. Pidgeotto’s most lethal attach is its Whirlwind, which creates a massive zephyr, stirring up dirt, sand, and even rocks. It is capable of incapacitating even the largest of foes.
  • Squirtle – A loveable turtle with a not-so friendly Hydro Pump and Bubble Beam. Both are powerful water-based attacks. While both are useful attacks, the Hydro Pump is Squirtle’s knockout punch. The Bubble Beam is less potent albeit it can daze and confuse enemies.
  • Kingler – Ash’s anchor. Kingler was his X-factor in the Indigo League Tournament and it is only fair to include such a role player in his lineup. Kingler boasts a Hydro Pump, but its most potent attacks come from its claws: Vice Grip and Crabhammer. Kingler can easily crush an opponent from the pressure of its gigantic pincers.
  • Charizard – It wouldn’t be fair to exclude illest Pokemon Ash ever had. Charizard is a massive, flying, fire-breathing dragon who rarely listen to Ash, but when you suffer from Dragon Rage do you really have to?  While Dragon Rage, increases Charizard’s natural abilities his best move is easily its Flamethrower ability which torches an opponent into a pile of ashes (pun intendend).


Samus – Even without her suit Samus is still one bad babe. However the suit is her greatest weapon and her greatest weakness. Operating the suit requires an intense amount of mental fortitude and can cause physical and mental stress on Samus Aran. She has lost control of the suit before (Metroid: Other M) and her grip on reality for brief periods of time.

Ash – Five strikes and you’re out. Ash’s army of trained killing machines is all he has. After they are KO’d he’s done. While the five Pokemon are all deadly in their own right, Ash’s biggest problem is how to properly handle a battle. He is a Pokemon Master, but Ash’s tactical skills leave a lot to be admired. He often makes the wrong choice early and bails himself out later on in a battle.


Samus Aran– Even with the home field advantage I’m not sure if Ash can match Samus. If he were to launch all five Pokemon out at once at her, he could win this one. However, Ash has never thrown out that many Pokemon out at once. Letting Samus go one-on-one with a monster is child’s play for her. Her day job is killing intergalactic monsters, what’s another few Pokemon.


Don’t forget to weigh in on the (1) Link vs. (16) Sub-Zero and (5) Mario Bros. vs. (12) Kirby battles before voting closes!

Next up: the Quarterfinals on Friday, March 18.

Vote on the villain’s bracket here!


Photo Courtesy of IGN


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