Console Carnage: The Hero’s Final Four

The final four. The last remaining heroes. Only two of these benevolent gaming legends are going to advance to the hero’s final. Who are you voting for?

Is Sub-Zero going to continue his string of upsets? He had a monumental upset in the first round and continues to knock off fan-favorites. I mean the assassin is only a 16-seed! He’s the lowest seeded character and he’s cleaning up the place.

Can the ice cold Cinderella story continue?

We’ve read the headlines before: ‘Commander Shepard defeats Saren,’ ‘Shepard downs Geth army,’ ‘Cerebus and Shepard quell Collectors threat,’ ‘Shepard saves galaxy from Reaper threat,’ and now we’re reading ‘Shepard kills the Mario Bros.’ If anyone can ruin the upset MK special it’s the Commander. While he’s the epitome of rising to the challenge as an underdog, he finds himself as the favorite here.

Can he still finish the job?

Nintendo’s last hope. She’s usually the galaxy’s, but this time Samus Aran looks to continue piling up the votes. She’s had the two largest victory margins of the tournament thus far.

Can the bounty hunter with a boom shot bring Cloud back down to reality?

He’s only got one blockbuster to his name, but that’s all he needs. Cloud Strife continues to ride that FFVII fanboy/fangirl train. He just recently dismantled the 2-seeded Mega Man.

Will Samus be just another piece of arm-cannon fodder?

Well enough chatting. The stage is set. The competitors are ready. Who is going to make the final? Cast your votes below and pick your heroes!

*Remember all matches are staged in Pokemon Stadium. The matches are an enclosed battle where the winner is decided by KO. Each character is limited to a combination of five powers/weapons. Meaning if they have a gun and a sword, they can only have three more additional supernatural powers on top of that**


Don’t forget to vote on those villains. It is high-seeds galore over there. No intriguing storylines, no upsets, just plain or gratuitous violence – which I implore you to vote on!


(16) Sub-Zero vs (4) Commander Shepard

Road to the Semis

  • Sub-Zero – upset wins over (1) Link with 56% of fan votes, (8) Master Chief with 73% of votes
  • Commander Shepard – wins over (9) Lara Croft with 57% of fan votes, (5) Mario & Luigi with 64% of votes

First Appearance

  • Sub-Zero – Mortal Kombat (1992) – Midway Arcade game, later in 1993 released on Super Nintendo, Game Boy, Sega Genesis, & Sega Game Gear
  • Commander Shepard – Mass Effect (2007) – Xbox 360

Fast Fact

  • Sub-Zero – Mortal Kombat was heavily marketed before its console debut. It debuted on all four systems (at the time) on “Mortal Monday,” September, 13, 1993
  • Commander Shepard – Mass Effect was not the original franchise’s name. Originally the game went into development under the name “SFX” which stood for ‘Science Fiction X.’



The Cryomancing Phenom. The Ice Lung. Bi-Hanny Blaze. While S-U-B Z-E-R-O may not share all of Method Man’s monikers the Lin Keui assassin is making quite the statement just like the Wu-Tang Clan’s lead MC. He might’ve fallen victim to our fan-voted seeding, but the fans have surely reconsidered their original placement. He’s now knocked off  Hyrule hero, Link and Halo’s, Master Chief by impressive margins. His toughest test lays ahead of him. Shepard isn’t going to be an easy fight.

None the less, Bi-Han dismantles his foes with his lethal martial arts skillset and intimidates them with his death count. His Cryomancer abilities to control water moisture allow him to create:

  • Ice Shields – Ever try to punch throw a glacier? Doesn’t work so well does it?
  • Ice Beams/projectiles – Unlike Bobby Drake, Sub-Zero uses his projectiles and freeze rays with the intent to kill and humiliate.
  • Ice Swords – Just read that out loud. It even sounds terrifying.
  • Ice Clones – Think that was Sub-Zero? Think again homeboy.

Commander Shepard

The man, the myth, the Shepard. He saves Earth. He saves galaxies. He kicks ass and takes names. The Alliance veteran just did the unimaginable yet again – took down the Mario Bros without breaking a sweat. The Mass Effect protagonist employs a versatile arsenal laced with deadly supernatural (and futuristic) perks.

**Note for this tournament Shepard will be classified as a Solider**


  • M-96 Mattock Assault Rifle – Semi-automatic death-producer. If Shepard’s got you in his sights on this bad boy, you’re punching a ticket to the River of Styx.
  • M-6 Carnifex Hand-Cannon – Mordin Solus’ favorite pistol. Can take down a raging Krogan. I even heard its great against assassins.
  • M-920 Cain – A hand-held WOMD. Takes significant time to charge up, but this two-handed behemoth would make North Korea cry.


  • Marksman (Adrenaline Rush) – It isn’t a PED it’s a supernatural ability. Shepard can literally control his adrenalin glands, slowing down time over a short period of time. His physical powers vastly increase as does his precision with a firearm.
  • Incendiary Ammo –  Bullets that burn. Fuego.


Sub- Zero – While the man from the Lin Keui Clan has an impressive offense his defense is still subjective to his natural limits. He’s still just a human. He can create durable shields, clones, and continue to use his offense as a primary source of defense, but like any ninja he’s still vulnerable against heavy arterially.

Commander Shepard – He’s arguably the best leader that’s ever graced the cover of a video game. However, without a team Shepard is significantly weaker. He’s proficient on his own, but at the core, Shepard is just a solider with some fancy N7 armor.


Commander Shepard – Incendiary ammo. With it the upset buck stops here. Shepard’s greatest strength in this tournament is his supernatural ability as a shooter and his ammunition of choice. Both are incredibly bad news for Sub-Zero. The high-heat of Shepard’s bullets will melt away Sub-Zero’s only form of significant defense. If Sub-Zero could catch Shepard in an ice beam or with an ice clone, he might be able to continue his unlikely run. Unfortunately, in a battle of the elements – fire trumps ice.


(3) Samus Aran vs. (7) Cloud Strife

Road to the Semis

  • Samus – wins over (14) Ash Ketchum with 64% of fan votes, win over (11) Ryu with 78% of votes
  • Cloud – win over (10) Ezio Auditore with 57% of fan votes, upset over (2) Mega Man with 57% of fan votes

First Appearance

  • Samus – Metroid (1986) – Nintendo
  • Cloud – Final Fantasy VII (1997) – Playstation

Fast Facts

  • Samus – Samus was inspired by Sigourney Weaver’s character, Ellen Ripley, from the film Aliens. Samus’ arch-nemesis, Ridley, the space dragon is an homage to the film’s director, Ridley Scott.
  • Cloud– Final Fantasy VII was originally intended to be released on the N64. However, Playstation offered a better option for CGI graphics at the time. Consequently it the first game in the Final Fantasy franchise not to debut on a Nintendo console.



 She’s got Chozo DNA and she knows how to use it. Samus hunts intergalactic beasts for a living. In her own right, she’s a monster in her Varia Suit, but even without it her dexterity, intelligence, and marksmanship are all near supernatural levels. It isn’t a fluke she’s harvest the most votes in the tournament, thus far.

Varia Suit

  • Power Beam – Unlike, Mega Man’s Mega Buster, Samus’ hand cannon actually wins her matches. Powerful energy projectiles including one massive, destructive shot.
  • Morph Ball – She can curl up into a petite fortified ball, pooping out bombs. It is kind of cute, gross, and deadly – mostly deadly.
  • Suit Visor – Her helm has a target-locking system plus a hacking system that would even make Anonymous jealous.
  • Speed Boost – Pretty straightforward here – a supersonic boost.
  • Enhanced Durability and Adaptability – The suit protects Samus from the elements. It can adapt to any atmospheric temperatures and pressure changes. It also significantly adds to her already impressive physical skillset.

Cloud Strife


 He makes all the fangirls go crazy. The face of FFVII is everywhere nowadays. From fan blogs to invading your beloved Super Smash Bros. And for good reason, he’s not just a cult classic, he’s a legit contender. A former ex-SOLIDER 1st class who wields a massive cleaver more popularly known as, The Buster Sword. While it may look burdensome to carry, the Nibelheim-born killer handles it was ease.

  • Limit Break: Omnislash – Cloud’s most powerful physical attack. He unleashes the fury with this one. All that pent up rage in his damaged psyche comes out in a blitzkrieg buffet.


As previously mentioned, Cloud will be limited to only three materias or magic in this tournament due to our Rule of Five rule.

  • Cure Materia – Low on health? Use some healing magic.
  • Meteor – A crafty little spell. Allows Cloud to summon a meteor strike.
  • Shiva – She’s a deadly ice aeon that is beckoned by this summon spell.


Samus – While the Varia suit is her largest source of offense it comes with a price. The more Samus uses and relies on the suit the weaker her mental grip on reality becomes. The suit demands an extraordinary amount of focus to use. The greater the challenge and more stress she undertakes in the suit forces her to lose consciousness and even her sanity.

Cloud – The unfortunate side effects of Mako exposure. Cloud is an adept fighter, but due to long bouts with Mako energy, Cloud’s mind is more fragile than the lamp in “A Christmas Story”. He is extremely vulnerable to mind control. And under heavy stress he’s even lost control over his own will to battle.


Push– This battle of the head cases may be too close to call. Samus has the firepower, but Cloud’s materia is a constant X-Factor. Dealing with Shiva and Comet would be another day at the office for Samus, but Cloud’s ability to heal himself cannot be overlooked. This might come down to Omnislash vs. Samus’ Power Beam. Can the bounty hunter survive Cloud’s limit break? Can Cloud out-maneuver the Varia suit’s target-locking system?

Next up: Hero’s Final, March 25


Don’t forget to vote on the villain’s bracket! The winner will face the winner of the hero’s bracket!

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