Console Carnage: The Final Heroes Samus vs. Sub-Zero

And then there were two. The last two remaining heroes are set to square off, with the winner advancing to the tournament final. The winner here will face the winner of the villain’s bracket in one, epic final showdown.

Who’s going to represent the heroes?

The underdog story of the year, can Sub-Zero continue this unprecedented streak?

Samus is Nintendo’s last hope, can she ride that retro pride to the final?

Due to fan-voted seeding in the Round of 64, Sub-Zero came away with a 16-seed. Since he’s knocked off the tournament’s number one seed, Link. He shattered Master Chief’s dreams of victory. And he did what no one else in the galaxy could, single-handily silenced Commander Shepard en route to the Hero Final.

Sub-Zero nerdist

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Does the MK mainstay have enough frozen tricks up his sleeve to supplant Samus Aran and make it four in a row?



Samus barely survived her semifinal encounter with Cloud Strife. It was the first time all tournament the heroine failed to record more than 60 percent of fan votes in a matchup. Yet, she’s proven her might on her way to this final. Disposing Ash Ketchum in his home court. Torching Ryu in a battle of tech vs. fists. She’s a survivor and a planet destroyer. Nonetheless, she’s on upset alert.

Metroid Cover - theme

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Can she be the one stop Sub-Zero’s murderous Cinderella story in this tournament?




**Remember all matches are staged in Pokemon Stadium. The matches are an enclosed battle where the winner is decided by KO. Each character is limited to a combination of five powers/weapons. Meaning if they have a gun and a sword, they can only have three more additional supernatural powers on top of that**

Only one way to find out folks, read below and cast your votes!


Don’t forget to vote on the Villain’s Final between: (4) Dr. Robotnik & (2) Sephiroth


(16) Sub-Zero vs (3) Samus Aran

Road to the Finals

  • Sub-Zero – upset wins over:
    • (1) Link with 56% of fan votes
    • (8) Master Chief with 73% of votes
    • (4) Commander Shepard with 60% of fan votes
  • Samus – wins over:
    • (14) Ash Ketchum with 64% of fan votes
    • (11) Ryu with 78% of votes
    • (7) Cloud Strife with 55% of fan votes

First Appearance

  • Sub-Zero – Mortal Kombat (1992) – Midway Arcade game, later in 1993 released on Super Nintendo, Game Boy, Sega Genesis, & Sega Game Gear
  • Samus – Metroid (1986) – Nintendo

Fast Fact

  • Sub-Zero – Bi-Han was actually killed by Scorpion following the events of the original Mortal Kombat game. According to the game’s story he would later be resurrected as Noob Saibot.
  • Samus – 1992’s Super Metroid was at the time of its debut the largest Super NES game ever. It was 3 megabytes.



The kid from Lin Keui. A victim of fan-seeding, but it hasn’t stopped him one bit. The ice-wielding assassin from the MK universe is one match away from the ultimate final. His Cryomancing abilities are clearly a force to be reckoned with. We’re all aware of how lethal Sub-Zero is in hand-to-hand combat, but for those of you unfamiliar with his abilities to manipulate water moisture, here’s a quick reminder of a few things he can do:

  • Ice Shields – First line of defense and clearly the only defense he needs.
  • Ice Beams/projectiles – He can freeze you in place. He can throw an ice shuriken through your chest. Don’t bring a snowball to an ice fight with this guy, alright?
  • Ice Swords – Need I say more?
  • Ice Clones – By the time you realize you’ve been fooled it will already be too late.


 She had one heck of a close contest again FFVII legend, Cloud Strife, but she’s survived. The Chozo-DNA infused intergalactic bounty hunter makes her living ridding the galaxy of cosmic threats. She’s got a genius-level intellect, near superhuman agility, and she’s the best marksmen left in this tournament. In her Varia Suit all those natural talents are amplified. The Varia Suit’s arsenal includes:

Varia Suit

  • Power Beam – It’s a built in hand-cannon. Shoots semi-automatic energy projectiles or can be charged up for one massive blow.
  • Morph Ball – Transforms into a fortified bowling ball. A bowling ball that leaves tiny little bombs everywhere it goes.
  • Suit Visor – Has a target-locking system and enables Samus to hack any computer.
  • Speed Boost – A supersonic boost.
  • Enhanced Durability and Adaptability – As mentioned the suit already enhances the bounty hunter’s physical abilities and provides body armor. But it also adapts to the environment. The suit allows Samus the ability to withstand incredibly frosty temperatures/pressures to ultra-blistering ones.


Sub- Zero – Bi-Han is still just a superbly talented ninja. His Lin Keui Clan abilities offer him an excellent source of offense, but marginal defense. Even with his ability to control/harvest ice, he’s still just a trained killer with limited armor. His best form of defense is his offense.

Samus – The varia suit makes Samus one of the toughest foes in this tournament, however it also is her biggest heel. The suit requires an enormous amount of mental strain to operate and puts a tremendous physical toll on Samus. The longer she uses the suit the weaker her grip on reality becomes, pushing her to the brink of insanity.


Samus– Sub-Zero has defied the odds this entire tournament, but the buck stops here. Samus’ Varia Suit is the ninja’s downfall. It offers her substantial protection against his sole source of offense. The suit can withstand the assassin’s ice-cold attacks. Not to mention Samus has the super speed and the firepower to keep Sub-Zero off-balance. On paper this one is a mismatch, but so were Sub-Zero’s last three battles.

Who’s going to win? The MK killer or the Nintendo survivor?


Next up: Tournament Final, Mon. March, 28


Don’t forget to vote on the Villain’s Final the winner of the Dr. Eggman & Sephiroth feud takes on the winner here!



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