Final Portfolio Video Production

“Kick It”

Free Form Project – Shot with a Panasonic HVX200

Won’t lie this one had me nervous. I came up with the idea on the fly after one of my actors/helpers decided not to show up. I stole a little bit of inspiration from Calvin Harris’ “Bounce” video, which follows a guy as he dances around Las Vegas. This video might not be as intense, but it’s still as enjoyable.


“Dating Blind”

Final Project – Shot with a Cannon EOS Rebel T5

Had an absolute blast filming this one.  First time I used a DSLR for a project, so that took a little getting use to especially for establishing shots and getting my focus right. Overall, I was very happy with the final product. I wanted to tell a comedic story about the dating world. The two actors (cannot thank Kimmie and Rodrick enough) I used in the film did a great job  acting out their respective parts and following the script. My actor, Rodrick, wasn’t too keen on doing the inner monologue for Dean, so I ended up voice acting for him. The shots came together nicely and I was very pleased  with how everything came together. I even managed to find the perfect songs to fit the style I was going with on this one. When all was said and done this was easily my favorite project of the lot.

Disclaimer: Viewer Discretion Advised (Foul language) 

“One is Enough”

PSA Project – Shot with a Panasonic HVX200

Had a tough time storyboarding for this one. Most of my videos/projects run over two minutes, so trying to effectively narrow down shots to just a mere thirty seconds was a serious challenge for me. I originally posted this one without color and then re-edited it adding color the last shot and fine tuning a few in between. In the end, felt like this wasn’t too bad for my first ever public service announcement.


“In-Depth Look at Point Park’s U-View”

NAT Sound Project – Shot with a Panasonic HVX200

Nothing too fancy on this one. This was our natural sound project for class that was focused on an interview-style approach. We worked in pairs on this one, so there’s a few shots that were a bit different compared to others since my partner and I have two different shooting styles. I did have to go back and fine tune the audio during the editing process. However, overall I was fairly happy with the final product on this one.


Static Shots

Project 1 – Shot with a Panasonic HVX200

Nothing fancy here. Just the first project we worked on for video production class. Took a series of shots ranging from close-ups to long and wide angle shots. Was very pleased with the final shot of the marble staircase in the University Center, other than that this is a pretty dull video.


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