Latest Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild trailer doesn’t disappoint

One it comes to nostalgia and trailblazing in RPGs few franchises do it better than Nintendo’s “Legend of Zelda.”

The latest trailer for the newest installment in the thirty year-old franchise does not disappoint.  Nintendo has been teasing”Breath of the Wild” to fans for a few years and for the first time fans gets to see a better look inside this universe’s Hyrule along with the artistic graphics behind the game’s cut scenes. Looks like the crisp style is accented by intensely fluid game play and of course, Zelda’s notoriously beautiful score.

One thing is for sure, if there’s ever a franchise that will encourage old-school RPG and Zelda fans, like myself, to go out and buy a Nintendo Switch just for one game and one game only – Link might be the ticket.

What’s your thoughts on the ‘Life in Ruins’ trailer?



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