Samurai Jack Season 5’s Trailer is Here

I’ll be discussing the return of Samurai Jack in greater detail later this week’s ‘Geek Out’ show on WPPJ 670AM but for now I wanted y’all to start getting as hype as I am about this.

It has been too long since we 90s kids have seen Jack and Aku on screen.


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Latest Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild trailer doesn’t disappoint

One it comes to nostalgia and trailblazing in RPGs few franchises do it better than Nintendo’s “Legend of Zelda.”

The latest trailer for the newest installment in the thirty year-old franchise does not disappoint.  Nintendo has been teasing”Breath of the Wild” to fans for a few years and for the first time fans gets to see a better look inside this universe’s Hyrule along with the artistic graphics behind the game’s cut scenes. Looks like the crisp style is accented by intensely fluid game play and of course, Zelda’s notoriously beautiful score.

One thing is for sure, if there’s ever a franchise that will encourage old-school RPG and Zelda fans, like myself, to go out and buy a Nintendo Switch just for one game and one game only – Link might be the ticket.

What’s your thoughts on the ‘Life in Ruins’ trailer?


Injustice 2: Harley Quinn & Deadshot Trailer

A few weeks ago I wrote up a piece about a few characters I’d like to see in the upcoming Injustice 2

And while I’d still like to see a few of those characters added to the roster it is nice to see the return of my girl Harley Quin (her and Raven were my go-to characters in the first game) and even though I would’ve liked to see Killer Croc over Deadshot the addition of Floyd Lawton is certainty welcomed.

It is still unconfirmed if Deathstroke will be returning to the game. Slade Wilson was one of the original playable characters from the game’s first edition. If he is omitted it seems that Deadshot is the perfect candidate to fill the void of gun-touting marksmen.

As for Harley, what more can I say? Welcome back, girl.

Check out the trailer below.

Final Portfolio Video Production

“Kick It”

Free Form Project – Shot with a Panasonic HVX200

Won’t lie this one had me nervous. I came up with the idea on the fly after one of my actors/helpers decided not to show up. I stole a little bit of inspiration from Calvin Harris’ “Bounce” video, which follows a guy as he dances around Las Vegas. This video might not be as intense, but it’s still as enjoyable.


“Dating Blind”

Final Project – Shot with a Cannon EOS Rebel T5

Had an absolute blast filming this one.  First time I used a DSLR for a project, so that took a little getting use to especially for establishing shots and getting my focus right. Overall, I was very happy with the final product. I wanted to tell a comedic story about the dating world. The two actors (cannot thank Kimmie and Rodrick enough) I used in the film did a great job  acting out their respective parts and following the script. My actor, Rodrick, wasn’t too keen on doing the inner monologue for Dean, so I ended up voice acting for him. The shots came together nicely and I was very pleased  with how everything came together. I even managed to find the perfect songs to fit the style I was going with on this one. When all was said and done this was easily my favorite project of the lot.

Disclaimer: Viewer Discretion Advised (Foul language) 

“One is Enough”

PSA Project – Shot with a Panasonic HVX200

Had a tough time storyboarding for this one. Most of my videos/projects run over two minutes, so trying to effectively narrow down shots to just a mere thirty seconds was a serious challenge for me. I originally posted this one without color and then re-edited it adding color the last shot and fine tuning a few in between. In the end, felt like this wasn’t too bad for my first ever public service announcement.


“In-Depth Look at Point Park’s U-View”

NAT Sound Project – Shot with a Panasonic HVX200

Nothing too fancy on this one. This was our natural sound project for class that was focused on an interview-style approach. We worked in pairs on this one, so there’s a few shots that were a bit different compared to others since my partner and I have two different shooting styles. I did have to go back and fine tune the audio during the editing process. However, overall I was fairly happy with the final product on this one.


Static Shots

Project 1 – Shot with a Panasonic HVX200

Nothing fancy here. Just the first project we worked on for video production class. Took a series of shots ranging from close-ups to long and wide angle shots. Was very pleased with the final shot of the marble staircase in the University Center, other than that this is a pretty dull video.

Video Gaming Culture Video

Here’s a video I put together last semester about the culture of video gaming. I interviewed three co-workers, each who have a different style and approach to gaming. One happens to be RPG, single-player oriented while the other two are big multiplayer gamers (the one favors FPS over MMO).

**Shot on my Galaxy S6 smartphone**

Video Game Culture: The Subcultures

A little while back I interviewed a few co-workers of mine and did a piece about the diversity in video game culture. This week I revisited the trio and asked them more specifically about their styles of gaming. Each one, Josh Hays, Josh Kachur, and Rodrick Reese were kind enough to not only let me ask them again about their specific gaming styles and choices, but also let me film them as they played their favorite games of choice.

Above is the final video product of our discussions, but all three help shed a unique perspective on how gamers feel towards their specific styles. Gamers like Hays, who prefer First Person Shooters (FPS), definitely have a significantly more competitive style about their gaming preferences and gameplay. Where as, Reese and Kachur both enjoy the story that comes with RPGs and MMOs. All three highlight different subcultures in the video game culture and all three help show how diverse the gaming community is nowadays.